See we see a positive post there and here. Weekly However, subreddit and also the forums are full of hate posts. There is no denying that the community on social platforms is quite negative towards RuneScape.I believe there's more cause to become negative around RuneScape, and specifically the company making RuneScape Gold  , than there is to be optimistic. The more money the company makes, the worse, and frequent content updates come out. MTX ramps up, we have weeks with hundreds of issues and they pretend to care about duty of care. It's because the playerbase is so ardent it hurts so much when RuneScape is mishandled better.

The investors were suppose to help push against RS out into the wider market via platforms and they do nothing but collect. They have 51% of the company. We would do just fine if we did not have MTX. Jagex staff is forced to talk favorably about MTX. Just in China like the Physicians needed to keep quiet.

You're naive to think that the negativity is not justified. Jagex has done a lot of good updates, but they are squandered by some oblivious bad ones. Do and 1 major thing wrong and people will call out you for this 1 thing you keep repeating rather than waste their energy complementing you. I believe here what we have is a classic example of selective reading. Plenty of people provide feedback for updates that are great, it just so happens that the decrease of overall content updates correlates with an increase of people saying that content is bad. Another correlation appears to be the more cash jagex gets, the not as and worse content appears to be.

People complaining about RuneScape is a good thing. When folks STOP complaining, the time is. That means nobody cares. I agree with this article. Reddit is a vocal minority of top level. A number people are very poisonous to game continuity. We would like to be comped and remain that way. We whine when we therefore are mad when it is difficult to regain it and lose that status. Like whining about xp prices that are arch. But then we complain about xp being too easy when we announce a dxp event. It's like be sure nobody else has there and we need to hit on the ceiling of a game.

We despise anything that makes that achievement is regained by us and hate anything that may possibly devalue the accomplishment. We contradict ourselves continuously. Look, rs is not as big as it was but it is going strong. Most of us act like we are high grade devs, businessmen, and fortune tellers who can save osrs gp   and bring it back. We would have achieved it 10, if this were true. Jagex is currently handling things just fine from MTX to updates.