I would just like some input here since I don't have a lot of experience with RuneScape Gold . It is not what I search, although I like PvP also.. It's something I'll do once I've accomplished A whole lot loot, of PvE content, items...etc. I seen you can get"Boss pets" at RuneScape, so that's probably one of the things I would grind out on a flow or something, every single boss pet will be mine! Pros and Cons of enjoying Old School vs New RuneScape What version of RuneScape would offer the best at demanding the PvE content, etc.. Thanks for any advice, I will be reading them shortly!

To put it bluntly, you will get burnt out of school RS fast in the event that you've got no nostalgia for this. Bossing and gameplay is in RS3.Thank you much more gratifying! Yeah, I guess that I could understand the nostalgia item, but since it doesn't apply to me personally.. I see where you are coming from! It took me a while to appreciate this fresh model of runescape, but eventually I came around. There's still a lot I hate which I try to ignore. 1 thing is that you'll probably feel overwhelmed a lot, which is only gonna be the situation with MMOs which have been around for 15+ years.

So old college is more for the people that enjoy a game stage that is more simplistic and it's also the way that it had been in 2007. Rs3 has more bosses to kill and a lot more content to not being limited on what material is released. Plus it existed for over 15 years with updates. If you have any further questions feel free to message me on here if you see me in game my rsn is Ldking.

Aside from nostalgia, another reason why some folks can prefer OSRS is that it rs3 is full of microtransactions--and furthermore, OSRS gold mobile is very invasive about it, throwing up adverts in mind in login, and throwing in an MTX popup every day you can't disable. The MTX promotions also indirectly promote xp to the players, and generally give free xp for logging in daily, which to an extent, cheapens the value of rs3's acccomplishments.