Jagex needs to do some thing with RuneScape gold match to bring in a Runescape player foundation. Vast majority of all Runescape players are specialists, not many new people.That's exactly what they are doing with mobile. Its the newest Runescape players we want but not always the newest Runescape players we want.Correction, it's a bunch of vets just playing on mobile in addition to background computer, not the newest Runescape players we need.

IOS betas can simply run with a max of users that are 10k, for 60 days. This isn't the fault of Jagex. It's Apple's limitations on Evaluation Pilot. A beta could have dropped like 2 years ago with Android. That 60 days could have ended 2 years ago, and people would still be complaining about"When does iOS beta come out?". They are better off using Android finalise and to test everything. Before they wish to release the final iOS version then shed an iOS beta right.

The fact that Android/Google Play Store doesn't have this limitation, means that Jagex have had an invaluable opportunity to work on the variant together with the community. Mobile has come such a long way. It was different. It's amazing. When your iOS version comes out, it will be prepared and polished. Test Flight, not Pilot. Fully working at work to buy osrs gold safe with a Test Pilot system. Stuck in my brain.

This is where communication could have helped them. Putting a message out stating that there were limitations on testing on iOS, might have helped them a bit. It feels like Android was the more forgiving platform. So they have chosen to place efforts and all their design into this version. So when it's like they can get it, they replicate it into iOS, and do a brief beta before final release. Without any communication from them the exact reason can't be confirmed by us.