Our intrepid reporters have RS gold tracked Professor Tony into the Kharidian Desert, in which he met with an intriguingly comfortable ally.Once again, I find myself questioning whether I've let this entire project get out of hand. The only issue is, I do not remember telling him any such thing - in actuality, I'd rather expected to lead the charge on this one myself and have a little adventure for once.

There's only one thing to do today - that I need to travel to Al Kharid and clarify the misunderstanding. I just hope the fantastic doctor hasn't gotten too carried away already.Oh beloved. Despite my reservations, I can't deny that even Dr Nabanik is doing a wonderful job. Almost as soon as I arrived we stumbled upon a pair of intriguing artefacts. If I didn't know better, I would have said he knew where they'd be buried. But that's ridiculous, isn't it?

The artefacts themselves were something to behold. The very first one was an excellent illustration of Zarosian art, a purplish crystal bound in gold. It had an unusual power to it, too. Definitely something to research further. The second thing was some sort of armoured mask, forged at a similar alloy we discovered back in our own dear dig website. I had been thinking that we ought to begin mining out the ore and crack on with some experiments once I noticed my companion looked subdued.

He was staring down into the eyes of the mask. I think I saw tears from his eyes. When I asked him what was wrong, he looked taken aback -- like he'd forgotten I was there -- and muttered something about'the destiny of our people' before stalking back to his camp. What an odd chap. It's good to see an archaeologist spent.

Dr Nabanik does know his stuff! For example a few tidbits around Kharid-et he regaled us all after supper. Much like Senntisten, Kharid-et seems to have been an important Zarosian stronghold. It was here that the Mahjarrat were rumoured to have gathered solid objects to buy old school rs gold from all over the Kharidian Desert to use because of their (no doubt nefarious) plans. I wonder if any of these relics are here, just waiting for somebody discover their magical and to pick up them? I get chills just considering it!