I have 100 mil in Treasure Hunter and I don't want old school runescape gold to waste it. What do I do? I'm not trying to brag, I don't know wtf I'm supposed to do for this money. I am a really new participant (400 total levels) and I need to place it back into getting more cash or skilling, or at least that is what I believe I should do. I have not gotten into abilities and a mechanisms like homes or crafting. Thank you guys in advance!

Hold it. Game skilling can be accomplished through training that was casual and quests. It is the push throughout the several levels where costs begin to pile up; that is where you are going to want it the most. Spend it on combat equipment. Assuming you spend time killing things of course. If they are a p2p player I'd be willing to say hold off cb gear a bit. My ironman accounts has complete gear just from functioning mining and smithing, so T70 and up is all they'd most likely have to buy unless they want to make the equipment.

As others have said, stick it on your bank and forget about it, after your skills begin getting past 75 then go right ahead and begin to use it on buyables and gear, preferably equipment that may enable you to get it back like pvm gear. Go to the wiki and examine the record of money making guides, select one that you'd love to do and once you're near the level to do it utilize that 100m on equipment, gear, prayer /tablet, etc..

Herblore or prayer would be the first two abilities you should use cash on. As these two skills are crucial into dividing into end content. Everything else you can get over time and are not as necessary.Do you mind telling me what is great about Prayer and Herblore? Specifically what they give you the capability to do? Prayer allows you to halve incoming damage at a certain level, and theres another prayer called soul divide at level 92 that heals you once you do some quests. Herblore permits you to earn stat boosting potions that are for bossing imperative.

My advice is to concentrate all to buy rs3 gold of your efforts on training till you max smithing and then to buy 1 bond for membership if you don't have it. This will offer you multiple choices to make 3-4 million+ an hour in fairly afk ways (smelting pubs or smithing masterwork items), which will be your best money making options for a very long time. Begin your smithing training by completing the short pursuit The Knight's Sword Should you go this path. It saves you hours of training the first few dozen levels and takes 10 minutes.