Chrissy is Animal Crossing Bells special because she actually has a sister, who seems very much like her, while most villagers tend to be standalone characters with their backstories. Francine is a blue variant of Chrissy, also unlike Chrissy, Francine has got the personality type. There is a ton of references to Francine and Chrissy becoming related. For one, both of them are on the cover of K. K. Slider's Bubblegum K. K., and Chrissy also has a photo of Francine inside of her residence.

Not only does Chrissy appear to have a bond and a lot of similarities there's another villager an sameness is shared by her with. Becky, a snooty chicken villager has the specific same quote because she does. Both of these have a quotation which says,"A fool and her bells are soon parted." The sole difference is that Becky states"his bells", while Chrissy says"her dreams." This quotation references their personalities that are materialistic.

Chrissy's birthday is on the 28th of August. This usually means that she's a Virgo villager, which might say about her personality. Virgos are known to be the problem-solving type of individuals, who approach things from an analytical perspective. On the flip side, Virgos may come across as a bit reserved. This is because they may be surprisingly sensitive and shy. It definitely fits the personality of Chrissy.

Chrissy's personality type falls into the category that is peppy. In other words, Chrissy comes across as incredibly enthusiastic. The topic of conversation, Chrissy angry by the topic, or hurt or has a tendency of becoming overly excited. As a villager that is peppy, she's also interested in popularity. This makes sense given that her goal is to become a model, and that she's into things like reading and fashion magazines.

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