I had been  OSRS gold wcing yews as I always do when I'm bored and I was browsing the forums . I was speaking to my partner about how I think FOR ME the rune hatchet is faster compared to the dragon hatchet. She consented to some extent and this clown believed he can interject and call me an idiot for saying so. While I've wasted hundreds of moar hours than him testing and timing a dragon hatchet above a rune hatchet when cutting yews. I've come to the point they are either exactly the exact same or that rune is slightly faster in my view, and of course two mil cheaper.

He complained for ages telling me his waste of 2 mil (not that it is considerably ) was a better cutter than mine. So I simply said"lol fine budd you keep thinking that". My friend and I kept cutting yews and he then popped the dumb statement of. "You're an idiot lol you do not even have some 99's ahhaahahah"

Which for the billionth time I had to verbally own this sad nub and inform him that his AWSUM achievement of 99 firemaking is really completely neglect, a waste of time and that he is really only a noob. Everyone knows at 92 you can get the Adze. Sure following 92, 99 isn't that far off (sorta) so why not go for it. But the majority of my mates that have gotten it said it takes weeks to perform, it is boring as hell and the only great thing is it is relatively inexpensive if you do willows or maples. Only that you need upwards of someplace like 45k logs at about level 70 fm'ing. So anyhow I had a fantastic time verbally assaulting this man and beating his dreams. But frankly, aren't you people sick of visiting 99 fm'ers wander around in untrimmed capes in the THOUSANDS!Gathering Averages On Resource Skills

So now I decided I actually wanted to have a huge project ingesting loads of information to get averages on Resource Gathering Skills. I believe I rushed myself and posted a topic right away about the RSOF requesting for specific components of information, then I realized that I don't even know if anybody would be happy to assist me, which is exactly what I need as I can not cut countless cheap RS gold logs, fish countless fish, within the span of a couple of months.