Team Dignitas is the Rockets the league champions and the best team in the world in the past year, while in June after the title of NRG close seven-game seriesBut the frosted Killa, in addition to a lot of people who think the best -VS- a player in the game, could reverse the situation. The young man turned 15 in May, Rocket League Trading making him eligible to compete in the rocket finally League Championship Series.

He likes the pros and cons and vitality Victor "fairy peak" Locquet and Philip play "pasch90" Paschmeyer so much, he joined team.Scrub will be the "next superstar," Gregan said. "I can now tell you, he will. If there is a beginning of transformation in the next game the other players to do so in a rocket pro league scene like the first-person shooter, he will become a first-class e-sports competitors for the rest of his young age section, where he can compete. "

Gregan conversation omen e-sports report from the couch the third episode per month, to discuss his favorite team, physical and electronic sports its impact on mental health, and how of great importance to set the topic rocket league, if you are a novice in the show host Frankie Ward and Ceirnan "Excoundrel" Lowe.Preceding Gregan is EA rules of the game and the creator of the west Highland white Terrier change the content of the battlefield, who discussed the upcoming battlefield 5, and revealed that the game from the Cologne game show Some exclusive footage. Later, he was e-sports interviewer and host Luodi Fan - Prager, who talked about the latest news eSports joined on the sofa.