However, I've demonstrated to be a responsibility of playing defense or getting my group engaged and have the 2K21 MT groups at the interviews ask me about some flaws or that and how I choose to change it. I enjoy unpredictability and equipped to tell my buddies something that occur within my career that may not happen in there's(instance I got hurt for a couple months and missed playoffs and etc or I got exchanged for being selfish and not thinking of the group ). I took a lot of time to type this and I'm sorry if it is too much but I wanted to share my my career wishlist sorta and wanted to see what y’all like to see from my career or if y’all like my ideas or have any alterations to it.

Make it closer to 2K14. Where you start in the draft, build your way up. It has just gotten worse since. The draft where I'm going and not knowing or dictating makes me wan na play longer and prove myself and make the business believe they made the choice. I play realistic so I don't be attempting to be the Star year-old I Will avg 20-24 in the most and when we lose we lose. But my longest my career was 2K12 I went 8 seasons deep with the team that purchased them 4 names and drafted me because I believed that the progression of being the shot to being the guy and face of the franchise, and it was interesting.

These are a few ideas that are good. I'm a big RPG man, and would love to have this narrative into 2K. Because it accurately reflects what real prospects undergo now Truly love the school choices. I'd be interested in playing abroad and getting the options of different leagues (Euroleague, China, Australia, etc.). As you play with it 13, don't care about the narrative stuff and it generally takes a couple of days to finish. Most people already forget what happened in the story a couple of months in. Only thing I need from NBA 2K is to have more awareness of where they're on the court when it comes to choosing up/saving balls round the base lines.

I just also want it to be where scoring ai not all like going out and scoring 50 points with no assists, rebounds or other stats should not look good in the draft process and I should look at my scouting report following every match on the top school, and following step arc so when I'm scoring a lot but not performing much my draft report should mention"prolific scorer but concerns about never getting his team involved and being selfish".

Hence the draft interview say the Knicks interview you along with the"selfish prolific scorer" they'll ask you"therefore we looking for a franchise player that can come in and assist the staff and the players around him improve because we're a young group but you ai not shown a lot of finding the team involved. Why is that and do you intend to change that?" Should you tell them yes but don't do that you might wind up following your rookie year out the door in the off-season you and Star had no say. I simply don't need to feel like I need trades ask individuals to come by Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins trade or free agency until I proved myself in the league and could be LeGm James.